My Week (give or take) :D

So this last week I have been a busy little bee.  I tried out a couple of new recipes (some worked, some didn’t)  and made a little craft.  The craft is why it has taken me so long to write my post, I wanted to post a picture of it but I needed the people I made it for to actually receive it!  

First off the best recipe I made was a forty clove garlic chicken.  I have never made a whole chicken before.  I love to cook but you have to understand I am also SUPER picky, especially about texture.  And I grew up on my mothers chicken, and I love you mom but it was dry!  Well now whenever I eat juicy chicken I fear that it is under cooked and no longer tastes as good to me.  So I am not big on dark meat chicken, but I am all about trying new foods right now so a whole chicken sounded like just the thing.  And my husband and I love Garlic so this sounded perfect.  I couldn’t remember where I first found the recipe so I turned to the internet, it seems like everyone has a version of this recipe, but they all made it seem a little difficult or at least more work then I knew I would want to put into it, until I came upon the recipe I used, it was super easy and sooo delicious!  Here is the link to the recipe: HouseGirlfriend.  

In keeping with my desire to try new things I bought some couscous and some Farro.  Um I can’t stand couscous, now honestly I didn’t do anything special with it but it smelled like really old gym socks and the texture was horrendous, my husband liked it covered in the gravy I had made but the man is like a garbage disposal.  Also Portabello mushrooms are not my thing.  The flavor was not bad, it just got to be to much.  I’ll stick with my sauteed button mushrooms.

Now Farro is something that both my husband and I agreed that we liked.  All I did was boil it in chicken stock and it was great.  It will be nice to add something to the dinner rotation.  Next on my list to try is polenta.  

For our 2nd anniversary my husband got me a wok and a cast iron skillet.  He loves the way I make fried rice and was super excited for me to make it in a wok, personally I am excited to try out my cast iron skillet, although I am a little weirded out by the fact that you are not really supposed to wash it.  Oh well the dish that I decide to christen in my skillet will be a discussion for another post.

Now on to my project.  Seeing as May 4th is known as Star Wars Day, and I come from a family of geeks (My mom is the biggest Whovian and my dad plays WoW with my Husband, my Brother is my DM (Dungeon Master for those not in the know) and the rest of the siblings are just as weird)  So when I saw a craft for little Chewbacca badges I knew I had to make them!  Here is a link to the instructions.  And here is a picture of my finished productImage

I know they are not as cute as the one’s on the web site but I am proud of them, and I only burnt myself twice with the hot glue gun!  Even if you are not interested in actually making the Chewie badges you should still check out the site.  IGGPPC stands for International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club.  It is a great way to connect to other girls that share the same geeky things.  I am super excited because I absolutely love snail mail.

Ok I think that is enough for now, stay tuned for more of my adventures!


Current Game being played: Kingdoms of Almar (for the second time)


My first post

So here I go.  I have been thinking about writing a blog for awhile now but have been unsure about where to start.  So staying up late one night I decided to just do it!  Now here I am!  So what is next.  I do a little bit of everything so each week I hope that I will be able to share a little bit of my life and adventures with the world (hint: that is you!).  Now when I say adventures what I mean is something new I have cooked, or a craft that I found online and actually accomplished (my husband will be happy if this makes me actually finish any of the projects I buy the items for!)